The Enterprise Sellers Community exists to promote the interests of enterprise sellers everywhere. We do this through community, content, coaching, events and career services.The Enterprise Seller manifesto is a statement of who we are, what we believe and why we do what we do. These principles are infused throughout our behaviors, actions and mindset.

Who We Are

We are B2B sellers who sell to the largest companies in the world.

Enterprise sellers are team players. To win enterprise deals it takes a village. But every team needs a captain and every deal needs a leader.

Enterprise sellers are distinct - we are the seniormost segment, we serve the largest accounts and close the largest deals. The skills and mindset required to be a successful enterprise seller are the hardest to attain and maintain.

Our Big Why

We do this hard thing as a vehicle to achieve the life we want. The wellbeing of ourselves, our families and our friends and to be of service to others are our highest priorities. We concentrate strategy, mindset and activity in a way that delivers outsized results in comparatively brief periods of time (fiscal years). 

The results we deliver through our efforts not only bring great impact to ourselves, but also the companies we sell for, our customers and our customer’s customers. For some of us, the journey of enterprise sales will span the bulk of our career. For others it is a chapter which leads to whatever is next - most often sales management or entrepreneurial pursuits.

What We Stand For

We believe enterprise selling is a craft, not a job, and that those who master the craft can move mountains. We believe that revenue is the lifeblood of any company and enterprise sellers have the potential to deliver more revenue than any other type of seller.

Mastery of the craft requires us to sell above the clouds - to engage senior stakeholders in strategic dialogue that yields business transformations. We do not sell widgets.

There is no role in B2B sales that carries greater skill, sacrifice, or pressure. Likewise there is no role that offers the earning potential, exposure to industry executives and glory - therein lies the potential for enterprise sellers.

Most of all we believe in breaking records. Smashing through mental limitations. Achieving feats that have never been done before. Breaking the 4-minute mile, the first person in space, the biggest deal in the history of our companies. These are stories which motivate us, achievements that pull us toward going beyond current bests.

We believe that enterprise sales is a unique opportunity in the business world that should be equally available to anyone regardless of any aspect of their identity. It is a meritocracy where the rewards go to the doer, not the club member.

What We Stand Against

Our greatest enemy is staying stuck in the land of run rate selling. Run rate selling is transactional sales motions that yield small deals with worker bees and never develop  meaningful relationships with senior customer stakeholders. These deals still take a great amount of time but yield little benefit and are prone to churn.

We stand against the draconian use of “increased activity" - cold emails, cold phone calls, cold invitations to webinars or other events - as a way to increase results. The practice is soul-killing, leads to burn out, is ineffective and deteriorates the brand of the seller and the company they sell for.

We stand against caps in comp plans that punish standout performance. Caps only incentivize mediocrity.

How We Operate

Work smart
We focus on establishing relationships with senior stakeholders among our accounts. We do the hard work of deep research and discovery to unearth root causes of problems that are best addressed by leveraging our offers.

Maintain excellence
We believe in continual improvement. There is no final destination, only progress or stagnation. We are open to change and seek out ways to innovate and improve.

Help others succeed
We believe every successful person needs a mentor to accelerate their growth, peers to walk the journey together and someone to mentor to pass on what they have learned.

How We Operate

If you are a B2B seller who sells to large enterprises and you believe in our manifesto, then you are one of us. Welcome to the family.

Engage with us however you are ready to:

  • subscribe to our newsletter
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  • wear the t-shirt with pride, it is your brand too.
  • masterclass

Most importantly, strive to live by our shared principles every day.

Learn the way.

Perfect your craft.

Reap the rewards.

- Jamal Reimer

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